Tights, No Flights

Hench by Adam Beechen and Manny Bello
AIT Planet Lar, 2004

hency-by-beechanA guy missing the glory days of being a college football star tries working as a supervillain’s henchman for quick cash to pay his son’s medical bills. The adrenaline rush keeps him coming back. He ends up doing time and losing his family, but he can’t quit. He talks about the pros and cons of working with different villains: sexual harassment, radiation, craziness, that kind of thing.

Its cool charcoal drawings pay homage to famous comic covers.

Gene recommended this when I told him I was writing a story about henchpersons. (Mine isn’t going to be this dark — I’m writing a romcom.)

Gene: Adam Beechen wrote some of the best Teen Titans Go! comics from the original (and far far better) series based on the original (and far far better) cartoon.