Accident! After The Storm With Dogs

Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi. HMH Book for Young Readers, 2017. 9780544944800. 48pp.

Lola (an armadillo) knocks over a pitcher of juice and makes a huge mess, so she runs away to the library. On the way she meets a bear who breaks a swing set, a sheep who prunes a hose, a puffer fish with a ruined cake. As they continue their mad dash to the library, they leave cartoony chaos in their wake. A small animal does an ice cream spit take all over her friend, sloths have a car accident, and a bird wets himself — and that’s just some of what’s happening on one page. This is a beautifully drawn Where’s Waldo? of accidents.

My Pictures After The Storm by Éric Veillé. Gecko Press, 2017. 9781776571048. 32pp.

The orange of this book’s cover is so much brighter than it appears in the image to the left. Thick boards, amazing paper, and a matte finish on everything make it a joy to hold. On the left side of each two-page spread are cartoony pictures. On the right are the same things and people after. The first are things at the beach — on the right the slide is on its side, the bucket dumped, the surfboarder has a towel blown onto his face. See what happens to a cake after the elephant, to a kid’s life after the baby, and to some animals after too many potato chips. A fun way to build vocabulary and get some laughs.

A Day With Dogs by Dorothée de Monfried. Gecko Press, 2017. 9781776570980. 64pp.

The cover of this Gecko press book is glossy, but it’s got that same amazingly thick paper, and it’s also orange (though not dayglo). This is kind of a combo of the above two books for dog lovers. It uses word balloons and cartooniness to tell the story of what animals do all day like Accident!, and a lot of the items on each page are labeled, so it would be good for vocabulary building. The Bathroom page features a shih tzu on the toilet, a mutt in a bath towel, a dalmatian in a bathrobe, and six other dogs making a mess in a bath tub. The dogs get dressed, do some counting, make art, go to school, and more. It features lots of other animals as well and ends at home at night, so it might be a good book to flip through at bedtime, though many of the dogs aren’t sleeping. In fact a few are watching TV, using a computer, and raiding the fridge. Bad dogs!


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