They Might Be Giant Days

Giant Days, Vol. 1 by John Allison and illustrated by Lissa Treiman. Boom Box, 2015. 9781608867899. (Contains Giant Days 1-4)

Three college students, Daisy (an optimistic and naive former homeschooler), Esther (a disaster and drama prone goth) and Susan (the practical one) have ordinary(ish) college adventures: Esther accidentally causes disaster in the dining hall, Daisy takes drugs for the first time and then has to eat breakfast with her granny, Susan makes a zine against guys because she’s mad at a particular guy and it goes viral among young teens. When everyone catches a cold, Susan goes through terrible nicotine withdrawal because she’s too sick to smoke, Esther crashes what she believes a Santeria ceremony and is healed (it later turns out to have just been a wine-and-cheese party), and Daisy takes an imported Polish cold medicine that makes her so loopy that she makes friends with a pigeon.

The stories are hilarious and have a sweet friendship at their core. This feels like my favorite kind of sitcom, funny and kind but not too treacly. The faces and body language are delightfully expressive and compliment the tone of the stories. I recommend this to anyone who liked Lucky Penny.

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