Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Cow

Prudence the Part-Time Cow by Jody Jensen Shaffer, illustrated by Stephanie Laberis. Godwin Books, 2017. 9781627796156.

Prudence the cow spends hours being a scientist, an architect, and an engineer by observing her world and building new things. The rest of the cows are unimpressed, and even say she’s not really one of the herd because she can’t act like a normal cow. Prudence is heartbroken, but her efforts to fit in are quickly overcome by her desire to calculate wind speed and invent a sunhat to supplement their shade tree. The resolution is a lovely bit of problem-solving by Prudence showing the benefits of science by someone who knows a community’s needs. (That’s a message that I hope sticks with kids who have been told that they don’t belong in scientific fields.)


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