The Lost Boy

The Wendy Project by Melissa Jane Osborne and Veronica Fish. Emet Comics / Super Genius, 2017. 9781629917696. 96pp.

Chris at Comics Dungeon introduced me to Emet Comics a while back, and it’s great to see the company’s first graphic novel. All the comics I’ve ever seen from this small press, which focuses on comics from diverse creators that empower women, are absolutely beautiful. I recommend you visit their website and sign up for their newsletter.

Wendy is driving her little brothers John and Michael across a bridge when their car crashes through the guardrail. John and Wendy are fine, but Michael’s body can’t be found. Wendy insists that she saw him fly away into the sky and also that a bright (fairy-like) light caused the crash. Needless to say no one believes Wendy, so she’s sent to a therapist. And…

Well, you should read this short graphic novel. It’s an inventive, well-written take on grief and blaming oneself, and Fish’s art is spectacular: everything is black and white except the traces of magic, including the magic in Wendy’s notebook (which refuses to get lost), Michael’s teddy bear, and a boy named Peter.

(Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of Peter Pan, and my favorite adaptation/version is by French comics creators Regis Loisel.)


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