Just call her the Hulk already

She-Hulk Volume 1: Deconstructed by Mariko Tamaki, Nico Leon, and Dalibor Talajic. Marvel, 2017. 9781302905675. Contains Hulk #1 – #6. Publisher’s Rating: T+.

Here’s what I think happened, because I don’t follow the big Marvel or DC Comics events anymore either. The Hulk (big green or grey male monster) was killed by Hawkeye while She-Hulk ended up in a coma. Cue reset of the Marvel universe (I’m guessing) and a great jumping on point for this character, at least.

The weird thing? This book is about lawyer Jen Walters trying to get back into the swing of her day job and dealing with losing her cousin Bruce Banner (the Hulk’s alter ego). (Her super identity is not much of a secret. When she lawyers up, she mostly deals with minor league powered folk and their problems.) Most of the book is about Walters trying to contain her Hulk as she deals with a client’s eviction. The plot heats up after the client’s landlord is killed and weird stuff happens. And of course Walters has to Hulk out before the end of the book and save the day because, well, superhero comics. But there’s so much to love here, from the writing to the art to the coloring.

My favorite moment is the nearly wordless two-page spread of her law firm’s waiting room, filled with “super” folk. It looks like one has the power of a radish. We don’t find out about them in this book, but I’m hoping they appear in Volume 2.

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