F*ck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well by Action Bronson with Rachel Wharton. Abrams, 2017. 9781419726552.

Gene: Do you know Action Bronson? He has a show on Vice called Fuck, That’s Delicious.  He’s a chef, a hip hop performer, a TV host, a stoner, and I fell in love with him I was when I was staying with friends during a Texas library conference on April 20th, not realizing the 420 pot smoking connection. The Vice channel had a show featuring Action Bronson and his friends getting high and watching the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.  The show was “projected” onto a green screen behind them. I couldn’t stop laughing. It beat every Cheech and Chong movie ever.
Action Bronson is tattooed and has a giant beard and his look doesn’t scream “celebrity chef” or a “hip hop star,” but he is. He loves life and good food.
Sarah: I love that aspect of hyper-positivity in contemporary culture! It’s so nice. The book is dedicated to his nonna, his grandmother.
G: It’s 100 amazing things: moments, meals, places, people, artifacts, and accessories. His Albanian grandma cooked bread three times a day. That’s everything you need to know about him right there. Loves his family, grew up in Queens eating food from everywhere.
The first entry: “1. A Bowl of Crispix Over The Sink”. This is no BS. He talks about other cereals. Apparently he only eats the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms, which I think is wrong. #2 is —
S: Chankonabe! Sumo stew!
G: This sent me to the internet to watch a clip of him and his buddies wrestling in Japan.
S: That’s great.
G: He has a tip here to look up Big Japan Pro Wrestling, which features matches with piranha tanks.
Here they are wandering around Japan. They eat street food and in five-star restaurants.
The next section is on bagels. I’ve only eaten one of his “Five Bagels Around The World,” at La Maison in Montreal, Quebec. It was fantastic.
S: I still need to have a Montreal bagel.
G: Man! Cooked in a wood burning oven. So good. And that leads to his USDA food pyramid, which is all bagels.
There are some recipes here, here’s one for golden beet poke, another for chicken pot pie. Entry #7 is “A Key Food Bag”. An ode to a grocery store bag!  #8 is “Chewy Candies”. #9 is a list of incredible pairings, including Big Macs and Fat Camp. Each pairing is explained in a paragraph. Apparently a counselor at his camp slipped him food, and he sold it. He not only lost weight, he lost his virginity to his counselor.
Here’s a recipe for what must be the best chocolate chip cookies.
S: With butter on them?
G: Salted honey butter. There’s a recipe for how to make that, too.
S: Intense.
G: Its like, he’s not going to worry about anything. I probably won’t make the butter if I try these. But Action Bronson is just going to go for it because it’s awesome.
#11 is about crispy rice, including a list of what it’s called in different countries. It’s “nurungji” in Korean, and most often found at the edge of hot stone bowl bibimbap, which he mentions.
#21 is about toothpicks, including the plastic ones with floss (which he loves), the square ones in Europe (which he doesn’t like), and MetroCards.
#22 is a recipe for Explosive Chicken, which is the first thing I’m going to make from this. I’m going to use this to win Silver [my wife] to his side.
S: Szechuan peppercorns!
G: She’s not a fan of his shows or this book, but if it’s hot enough I’ll be able to put on an episode of Fuck That’s Delicious and she won’t notice until she’s laughing. And by then it will be too late.


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