Ether: Death Of The Last Golden Blaze by Matt Kindt and David Rubin. Dark Horse, 2017. 9781506701745. Contains Ether #1 – #5.

Boone Dias, a scientist, is addicted to traveling to the magical realm of the Ether. He’s researching how the supernatural works, trying to explain it all in scientific terms. But on this trip, the capital city’s mayor needs his help. Someone has murdered The Blaze, sworn protector of The Ether, inside a locked room. (She was the city’s strong, magic sword wielding superhero.) Boone is pretty sure Lord Ubel (an evil librarian!) is behind it, but proving that is going to be difficult. And along the way he and the realm’s gatekeeper, Glum, are going to have to face a copper golem that threatens not only the Ether but our world as well.

It’s a great start to a series that threatens to have both emotional depth (via Boone’s relationship with his estranged family) and a whole lot of magical weirdness. The weirdest thing about it? To travel between worlds, Boone has to hang himself and get kicked in the butt by an ape. The coolest thing? The colors. Rubin is an amazing artist, but somehow he’s an even better colorist. (Check out both volumes of his The Hero if you like his art as much as I do.)


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