Sometimes a fantasy is all you need

Sex Fantasy by Sophia Foster-Dimino. Koyama Press, 2017. 9781927668467. Lots of pages.

I love this book so much!

It is square-ish, if not perfectly square, and it fits in your hand. It seems to have been originally published as 10 minicomics of the same title. (There are a few issues and other things by Foster-Domino available digitally.) Each issue (chapter?) is quite different from the others but each page features just a single comics panel.

“Issue 1” is a first person narration by a person (male? female? both? (both because at one point they say they’re Ranma!)) telling about and showing all of the things they do for those they’re obsessed with. Simple sentences and drawings add up to a view into the mind of someone super complicated. (And, you know, way over-obsessed.)

Issue 4” is a tear-inducing conversation. “Issue 5” is another conversation between two women talking about their childhoods and art. “Issue 7” has a surprise I’m still pondering. And you should find out about the other issues yourself, both because I don’t know how to do this book justice and because it’s so quick to experience.

I hope your local library has a copy (mine does), or you know someone who will lend you theirs, or that this sounds so compelling you’ll buy one of your own.


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