Normal (a novel) by Graeme Cameron, MIRA Books, 2015, 9780778318507, 294 pp.

If someone or something is described as “normal” they are anything but…

Graeme Cameron’s unnamed main character does not disappoint in this cold psychological thriller. Told in the first person, readers never know his name. This tactic is pretty brilliant because you’re left to wonder who he is. The guy in your neighborhood with the nice house and beautiful flower garden? Do you see him at the grocery store and around town?

Because he looks so normal, you’d never guess he is a serial killer with a dungeon beneath his garden.Those groceries he bought when you accidentally bumped his cart are for a girl he’s held captive for a long time. And she is just one of his many, many victims.

When HE meets the perfect girl cashiering at a 24 hour grocery store, he realizes the other girls he was obsessed with (and later kidnapped and killed) don’t matter anymore. In fact, this girl may be the one who makes him turn his life around and become her boyfriend. He is so fascinated with her that he will stop the madness of his life. He wants to live right, especially since he knows the police are closing in. One problem though: how will he convince the cashier he’s a normal guy when the police discover the girl he’s imprisoning?

Guest review by Murphy’s Mom.

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