Our First Guest Review

Gene: Our first guest review is from Murphy’sMom, who used to review with Sarah and I for the Unshelved Book Club. (Let us know if you’re feeling the itch to review a book or two, too.)

Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart. Delacorte Books for Young Readers , 2016. 9780553536744.

lily-and-dunkinTimothy McGrother knows she is really a girl named Lily. She has long, blonde hair and looks great when she dresses up in her mother’s sundresses, high heels, and makeup. In fact, she wishes Tim didn’t exist. Lily does not understand why her dad and other kids in her class see only a little, freaky weirdo named Timothy. That is so not her! Lily is starting eighth grade and puberty so she really, really needs her dad to give her permission for the hormone blockers.

Norbert and his mom just moved from New Jersey to Florida. He is pissed at his mom because she left his dad and wants a fresh start. Norbert wants to reinvent himself because in Jersey he was a big, clumsy oaf. (It’s a good thing the jocks don’t see that when the basketball coach adds him to the team as a walk-on.)

Neither Norbert nor Tim are comfortable with their true identities. Tim wants so badly to be Lily, and Norbert hates his name and lumbering physique. When the two become friends before school starts, they are able to confide in one another and recreate themselves as Lily and Dunkin.

This is a great YA novel that has a tremendous amount of compassion and sympathy for the underdogs.