Wow: Dave Engledow is the World’s Best Father

Confessions of The World’s Best Father by Dave Engledow. Gotham, 2014. 9781592408894.

Sarah: This is Confessions of the World’s Best Father by Dave Engledow
Gene: Who’s Dave Engledow?
S: He’s a photographer and a photojournalist who started taking these pictures of himself with his daughter. Each picture has him, his daughter, and his World’s Best Father Mug.
G: (laughs) On the cover he’s arm-wrestling her on a box.
S: On a crate of hand grenades.
G: Oh! I didn’t see that. And his daughter has a barbed wire tattoo on her bicep.
S: He does some Photoshop on the pictures. He arranges the pictures in the book by how old his daughter is.
G: “Day 240” (laughs) They’re playing X-Box together!
S: I don’t know if you can see the games…
G: I see Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto… and Call of Duty! I was talking to Bill Barnes, he was asking how early I played video games with my daughter. I couldn’t remember! She was always watching me play, so she wanted to play. I think we started with Katamari Damacy.
S: Oh, yeah, that’s a really good kid game.
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Rooting for the Little Guy

Big Appetites: Tiny People in A World of Big Food by Christopher Boffoli. Workman Publishing, 2013. 9780761176411.

The tiny people in the title are little model railroad figures posed doing their jobs or just going about their lives in a landscape filled with (to them) massive food items. Hard hatted construction workers carry pretzel rods, golfers putt papaya seeds, and canoeists paddle in a pool of spilled milk — all of which is delightful.

The problem for me was the “funny” captions on the facing pages. Most just fell flat, but a few really rubbed me the wrong way, like a joke about a “self-harm drama queen” threatening suicide on a mushroom. Oof. Maybe you won’t mind that. Or maybe you’ll need to make up your own funny captions with some kids.